Two years of being a dad

Today marks the day I have been a dad for two years. Over the past two year I have had some many wonderful experiences watching my boys, Finley and Arlo, grow. Finley today is two and Arlo is four and a half months.

Both of my wife’s (Chantelle) pregnancies were a little unusual and as a dad (or man becoming a dad) this period was a rollercoaster ride.

My oldest son (Finley) was an early arrival, five weeks premature. Chantelle had enjoyed a reasonably trouble free pregnancy until the 10th June 2014. After going out for a meal to celebrate my mum’s sixtieth birthday and returning home, Chantelle thought her waters had gone. I wasn’t too bothered by this as Finley’s due date was weeks away and I assumed Chantelle had probably just had some sort of accident. My mind was completely put at rest after a call to the maternity ward said not to bother and chat with our midwife if we had any concerns at our next appoint (11th June).

The following day at the midwife’s appointment our midwife was not best pleased with the maternity ward for not asking us to go in and she suggested we should have just gone if we were concerned. She sent us to maternity and phoned ahead. This is where me and Chantelle spent the next four day as we waited patiently for things to happen and for our, not known then, little boy to arrive. If I’m honest, four days stuck on a hospital ward is a long time with not a lot else to do apart from eat chocolate bourbons , only made worse knowing I should have been in France on a friend’s stag do.

Labour on the 15th was very quick, well compared to what I’d seen on One Born Every Minute. Chantelle doesn’t like to mess around though and after one hour and seventeen minutes I was holding my baby boy in my arms. I was overcome with emotion, I was so proud to see my little boy for the first time and the amazing effort Chantelle had gone through to provide this beautiful moment. I have to admit it was one of the best moments of my life!

Baby Finley

Just before Finley’s first birthday Chantelle and I found out we were pregnant again. All sorts of thoughts ran through my mind. How could I possibly love another small person as much as I loved Finley. Could we afford two children, do we have the space, how would two children fit in the car? So many silly thoughts.

Chantelle had a lot more difficulties with the second pregnancy and became bed bound during December. It was horrible to see Chantelle struggling. Fortunately she recovered for Christmas and felt better into the new year although we did go to the hospital a couple of times due to lack of movements. Our final hospital trip came on the 1st February, Chantelle and I were at the hospital for a few hours in the evening but after observations and checks we were sent home. Chantelle struggled across the car park and into the car.

Arriving home Chantelle was unable to rest, she asked me to phone the hospital. They suggested she took some paracetamol, she nearly hit the roof. Chantelle phoned back and things got serious. A lot of blood. The hospital said to phone 999, this was a first for me. On the phone they suggested things to make Chantelle comfortable before putting me on hold. I remained calm and tried to keep Chantelle calm but she became hysterical at times, I suppose she was worried for the baby’s safety.

A 11:27 baby was born, in our shower. Chantelle was amazing unwrapping cord from baby’s neck and removing gunk from his mouth. The pair lay on the floor and I wrapped them in towel and blankets until paramedics arrived at 11:45.

Another experience I’ll never forget and I was so thankful Chantelle and Arlo were ok.

Baby Arlo

With this blog I’m going to try cover my family’s experiences and what has helped or not along the way.


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